High School Chemistry with Mrs. Anderson
High School Chemistry with Mrs. Anderson

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Welcome Welcome to Chemistry at Gardner High School
Honors Chemistry  - is a challenging, hands-on activity based course in which the properties and structure of matter, Atomic Theory, Periodicity, the Mole Concept, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Formulas, Equations and Stoichiometry will be studied. The characteristics and composition of gases, solutions, and Acids and Bases will be investigated.  This course is designed to prepare a student to take a college level chemistry course, such as AP Chemistry. Students may use this course to prepare the Chemistry SAT II and the MCAS exam.

College Prep Chemistry - is a developmentally appropriate, hands-on laboratory based program in which the basic chemical principles and skills students will need for college will be pursued.  A variety of problem solving techniques, laboratory activities, projects and demonstrations are designed to prepare the student for the MCAS exam.  The course will include a variety of topics including atomic structure, periodicity, chemical bonding, formulas, equations and stoichiometry.

Applied Chemistry - This is a non-college level course that addresses the basic principles of chemistry with applications to everyday life. There is a strong emphasis on laboratory experiments and safety in the laboratory. The basic concepts of chemistry are explored, i.e. properties and structure of matter, Atomic Theory, Periodicity, the Mole Concept, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Formulas, Equations and Stoichiometry, at a slower pace.  While this course is not a substitute for a college preparatory experience it is designed to prepare the student for the MCAS exam.

General Information

While in my classroom, I expect all to follow the “3Rs” - respect for oneself, respect for others, and responsibility for all actions.  If the “3Rs” are followed most conflicts can be avoided.  My detailed policies are found further within this site. 

My classes are B, C, E, and F block.  If you have a study during a corresponding class period you are welcome to join us for more practice if it is the same level of the course, to make up a quiz or test, to participate in our lab day, or to hear the lecture one more time.  Simply let me know you are joining us and I will give you a pass.

If you do not have a free period during those blocks, please see me before or after class and we can make arrangements for individual help.  I am available after school until 2:15 pm almost everyday.  If you need additional time, each section will have a specific day for extra help.  All lab activities must be made up the following Tuesday.  Please let me know if you are planning on seeing me during any of these times.

Gardner High School’s Mission Statement

 At Gardner High School, we strive to prepare all students to become educated, productive, and responsible citizens.

Expectations for Student Learning:  Students will focus on the Problems Solving expectation and will be evaluated using the Problem Solving Rubric found on the school's website.  I will have copies of the rubric for students within my classroom.

What You Will Find Here

Please visit my other pages regarding:  Grading Policy, Grading Rubrics, Course Objectives, and Lab Safety

Please email me at andersr@gardnerk12.org with any questions/concerns.

A Little Bit About Me

I have taught science for fourteen years, the last four year at Gardner High School.  Through the years I have taught Biology, Earth Science, and Forensic Science in addition to many levels of Chemistry.  I hold an active Massachusetts State License in Chemistry and am qualified in accordance to NCLB.




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